What is a validation report?

Validation is the process of establishing evidence to demonstrate that a process or a procedure that is performed in the testing or production of pharmaceutical drugs complies with the required rules and regulations. Validation reports are documents which establish documentary evidence of the validation testing process.

A picture of pharmacists discussing a validation report

The need to translate validation report

A new drug may go into production in different production plants in different countries. In such a case, validation reports for all the processes in all the plants must be prepared. These reports should be translated into a common language for the company to create comparison charts.

Why you should hire professional translators?

Validation reports are documents meant for pharmacists, government authorities, and medical professionals. Since, such documents are not for the laymen, they are often written using pharma and medical terminologies. Moreover, professional language translators translate the texts far more efficiently than language converters.

How Alchemy Translation can help you?

Alchemy Translation boasts of a well-trained team of expert pharma translators. These translators are trained in medical and pharmacological terminology in at least two languages by medical and pharma experts. The team also has an impeccable command over the languages, and hence, offer the best pharma translation solutions. Moreover, Alchemy also boasts of an entire team of English, French, German, Russian, Arabic and Chinese translators for pharma and medical translations across languages.

More services provided by Alchemy Translation

Apart from professional and certified translations services for validation reports, Alchemy Translation also provides certified translation services for Validation Protocols, Toxicology Reports, and Pharmacological Studies. All the documents translated by Alchemy Translation undergo multiple levels of checks to ensure that no information is lost during translation. The system of multiple checks ensures that all the information in the initial document is also present in the translated document. Moreover, Alchemy Translation also provides professional proof-reading services for all medical and pharmacological documentation.

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