Certified Translation Services in Singapore

With about four official languages, English, Tamil, Standard Mandarin, and Malay, Singapore is a multilingual nation. Although Malay is the national language, most multinational organisations and companies conduct business in either of the four languages. Hence, there are a number of companies which offer translation services in Singapore.

Certified translation services in all major languages in Singapore

The Requirement for Translation Services

With the multinational organisations and companies conducting business in various languages, translation is required to bridge the linguistic gap between the companies and the government. This gives rise to the high requirement of professional translation services in Singapore. Moreover, foreign companies which conduct business in a different language might need translation services to establish and continue doing business in Singapore.

The Need to Hire Professional Translators

Different countries have a different culture which affects the languages spoken in those countries. The same language might have different culture context in different countries. Hence, it is necessary to hire professional translators who have an in-depth understanding of the culture contexts of different languages in different countries.

The Alchemy Advantage

Alchemy Translation is a translation agency in Singapore which offers certified English translation services. Over and above English, we also offer professional translation services in Singapore for the official languages – Malay, Tamil, and Standard Mandarin. If the translation requirements of companies are limited, Alchemy Translation also offers services of certified online translator to help the companies maintain their translation budgets.

Alchemy Translation is one of the top translation companies in the world. At Alchemy, we strive to offer the highest quality translation services to the clients. In order to do so, all the content that is translated at Alchemy undergoes multiple levels of proofreading along with stringent tests for grammatical syntax, language structure, and culture context.

Other Services by Alchemy

Over and above certified translation services in Malay, English, Tamil, and Standard Mandarin, Alchemy also offers curated content writing, proofreading, and editing services. Alchemy employs the best content writers and the most experienced proofreaders to offer the best-in-class solutions.

Being based in India, and I addition to providing certified Translation services in Singapore, Alchemy Translation also provides professional translation solutions in many European countries like France, UK, and Germany.

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