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All businesses have translation needs, regardless of the fact in which country or in which industry they are working. Alchemy understands that every business and every industry has different translation requirements. Technical documents in every industry contain industry specific vocabulary and terminologies. Some medical, legal, and financial documents may contain words which are highly specific and important. Since such documents contain highly specific language and terminologies, we employ a team of expert translators to cater to the needs of every industry.

Alchemy Translation provides certified translation solutions for many Industries

Professional Human Linguists

Alchemy Translation give your business translations a competitive edge by providing translation by humans as opposed to machine translations. A lot of translation companies promise human translation but offer machine translated content which is just proofread by humans. However, at Alchemy, we have a team of expert certified translators who can provide accurate translation of content and we have different teams to cater to different industries. Experienced human translators have an edge over machine translators because machine translators cannot translate culture context accurately, leading to change in the contextual meaning of the translated text. However, at Alchemy, we strive to provide the highest quality translation solutions.

Quality Assurance

All content that is translated at Alchemy undergoes rigorous tests before the final translation is drafted. The content is proofread at least two times by multiple expert proofreaders, who have years of experience in proofreading in multiple languages. Moreover, linguistic experts who are native speakers of the language of the source text and are proficient with the language into which the text is translated, check the source text and the translated text for contextual discrepancies. This ensures that the translated text in the final draft is as error free as possible.

Alchemy Advantage

Alchemy has an experienced team of certified translators who provide professional medical translation and pharmaceutical translation services. Over and above medical and pharmaceutical industries, Alchemy Translation also provides professional solutions for legal translation requirements. Moreover, Alchemy Translation also employs a team of experienced translators to translate technical documents. Medical and pharmaceutical translators have prior experience working with the medical and pharma industries, thus, they are proficient with the medical and pharma jargon. Legal translators have relevant prior experience in either translating or working in close integration with the legal industry. Thus, they are adept at understanding legal terminologies and jargon.

Additional Services by Alchemy Translation

Alchemy Translation caters to the translation requirements of a wide array of industries. Alchemy provide professional solutions for Pharmaceutical Translation and Technical Translation across numerous Countries all over the world. Alchemy Translation strives to offer the perfect solutions for the different needs of every industry and every language across countries.

For what are you waiting? Contact Alchemy Translation with your translation requirements now. We will process your requirements and get back to you with a quote at the earliest. Alchemy strives to provide the best-in-class translation solutions for the translation needs of a wide array of industries.

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