Translation Services for Law Firms

In the recent times, organizations have started conducting business across multiple nations. Hence, whenever there are legal issues or legal contracts, they have to be drawn up in multiple languages. Even in civil and criminal proceedings, when a foreign national is involved, who doesn’t understand any other language apart from his/her mother tongue, his statements have to be translated into the language which the court of law accepts.

Alchemy Translation provides specialised legal translation services for law firms

The requirement of legal translation services

Whenever a multinational organisation draws up a contract which is to be signed by two companies or persons speaking two different languages, the contract has to be drawn up in two different languages. However, it is easier to draft the contract in one language and then translate it into another as per the requirement. Hence, legal translation services are of utmost importance for organisations and law firms. As long as organisations conduct business in multiple nations, there will always be requirement for legal translation services.

The Alchemy Advantage

Alchemy Translation employs expert legal translators to offer the best in class solutions for translation requirements of law firms and organisations. The legal translators are either law graduates or are linguistic experts who work in close collaboration with lawyers. We have an in-house team of law experts and legal translators who provide translation solution is all major languages of the world. Over and above the team of in-house translators, Alchemy also hosts a team of native language translators who offer online translation solutions in almost any language across the world.

At Alchemy, quality is our first and foremost priority, and to ensure which we have set in place, a series of stringent tests. These tests and multiple levels of proofreads ensure that all translated content delivered by Alchemy is of paramount quality.

Over and above certified legal translation services, Alchemy Translation also provides legal advice and legal assistance to individuals to ensure that they can seek the help of the best lawyers and law firms. In addition to the host of legal services, Alchemy also provides professional translation services for Pharmaceutical Industries, Travel & Tourism industries, and Medical industries.

For more details about the host of legal services offered by Alchemy Translation, you can contact the Alchemy Business Development Team. The Business development team can guide you through our services so that you can find the perfect solution which meets your requirements as well as your budget.

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