A quick glance at Toxicology Reports

Drug toxicology reports are mandatory documents which accompany the process of registration of every new drug. These reports state all the possible adverse effects which have been observed during clinical trials of the said drug. Toxicology studies also include the vital information about the possible adverse reactions of the said drug with other drugs in the market. Forensic toxicology reports are conducted to determine the amounts of all known drugs which have adverse effects on humans.

Picture which shows the importance of toxicology reports in the process of developing a new drug.

Requirement for translating toxicology reports

Whenever a new drug is to be registered, drug toxicology studies and reports must be submitted with the concerned authorities. If a drug manufacturer wishes to manufacture or market a drug in a foreign country, he must have the toxicology studies and reports translated into the primary language of that country. Moreover, whenever forensic toxicology reports are to be sent to a different country, they should be translated into the primary language of that country by a certified language translator.

The need for professional translation services

Toxicology reports contain vital information which, if becomes redundant during translation, can cause a lot of problems. However, when such documents undergo certified translation by expert pharma translators, the chances of redundancy are reduced to zero.

How can Alchemy Translation help you?

Alchemy Translation boasts of a well-trained team of expert pharma translators, who are adept with the medical and pharmacological terminology in at least two languages. The team also has an impeccable command over the languages, and hence, offer the best pharma translation solutions. Moreover, all the translated documents undergo multiple level of checks to ensure that no information or aspect has been missed out during translation.

Other services offered by Alchemy Translation

Over and above the certified translation of toxicology reports, Alchemy Translation also provides comprehensive pharma translation solutions for documents like Scientific Papers, Pharmacological Studies, and Drug Registration Documentation.

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Only less than 5 drug compounds out of more than 10,000 drug compounds which are discovered as potential medicines pass the toxicology reports and studies. However, on an average, only 1 out of every 10,000 drug compounds discovered gets an approval from the concerned authorities.