What is a summary of product characteristics?

The summary of product characteristics (SPC) is a document which provides a description of the chemical properties of the product or drug. The SPC must also outline the hazardous characteristics of the product, or drug both pharmacological and pharmaceutical. The SPC provides in-depth information about the usage of the product or the drug. The European Commission states that the drug companies submit the SPC in the pharmaceutical dossier for drug registration.

A sample of summary of product characteristics

The need to translate summary of product characteristics

When a company manufactures or markets products or drugs across nations, they must include the SPC with each product. The European Union mandates that the SPC be provided in the primary language of the country in which the product or drug is sold. Hence, the SPC must be translated in the primary languages of all the countries in which the products or drugs are sold.

Why you should hire professional translators?

The summary of product characteristics contains essential information about the characteristics and the usage of the drug or the product. The SPC may be written in a complex language or may contain pharmacological or medical jargon. An untrained translator may miss out on vital information when translating an important document because of the lack of knowledge. Hence it is necessary to hire professional and trained pharma translators to translate SPCs.

How Alchemy Translation can assist you?

Alchemy Translation is a leading translations service provider across the world. We have a trained team of professional translators who are proficient in the medical and pharma terminologies in at least two languages. The translators are trained by the medical and pharma industry experts and have multiple years of experience. Hence, Alchemy Translation can provide the best in class solution for all your medical and pharma translation requirements.

Other services provided by Alchemy Translation

Apart from professional pharma translation services to translate product characteristics, Alchemy Translation also provides certified translation services for Product Information Leaflet (PIL), Pharmaceutical Translation, and Scientific Papers. Alchemy Translation also provides professional proof-reading services for medical and pharmacological documents. All the documents translated by Alchemy Translation undergo checks at multiple levels to ensure zero-redundancy in translation. Checks at multiple levels by experienced pharma translators ensure that all the information from the initial document is translated as-is in the translated document and that no vital information is missed out.

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