What is website translation?

Website translation is very important to businesses which function overseas. Translating websites is especially important for commercial retailers who provide retail services across multiple countries. The reason being that most countries have different primary languages. Hence, it is important for the websites to be translated into the primary language of the country where the business plans to operate.

Alchemy Translation provides website translation services across multiple languages

Why is website translation necessary?

Consider a commercial E-retailer who wishes to market its products in France, Germany, Italy, China, and Russia. It is very important for such a business to have its website translated into French, German, Italian, Chinese and Russian to be able to market its products effectively. This example is equally applicable to other businesses as much as it applies to commercial E-retailing business.

The need to hire professional translators

These days, there are numerous website translation software packages available online. These software packages can easily translate information across multiple languages. However, such software packages rely on preset algorithms to translate from one language to another. Consequently, these software packages often miss out on important information when translating, resulting in improper grammar, syntax, and misappropriation of information in the translated text. Hence, the need for professional language translation services arise. Professional website translation services ensure that the translated text is properly formatted, appropriate grammar, syntax and sentence formation is used, and the information is translated properly.

Alchemy Advantage

Alchemy Translation houses a team of trained website translators who have professional experience in website translation services across multiple languages. These translators have been trained exhaustively in SEO optimisation across languages to ensure that even the translated content of your website remains SEO optimised. All the websites that undergo translation at Alchemy have to pass SEO checks at multiple levels, and SEO research reports are generated. Whenever Alchemy provides professional business translation services, the translated information for the businesses undergoes thorough proofreading to ensure that proper grammar, syntax, and sentence structure is maintained throughout the translated text. Moreover, web experts proficient with multiple languages check the text thoroughly to ensure that no information has been missed out after translators translate pages of information.

Other services by Alchemy Translation

Apart from website translation services, Alchemy Translation also provides professional services for Website Localisation, Translation + Editing, and Proofreading. At Alchemy, we believe that language translation is much of art as it is science. Hence, we nurture creative minds from professional backgrounds and train them in the use of multiple languages. Consequently, Alchemy Translation can provide world-class translation and proofreading services across multiple languages.

To know more about how Alchemy Translation can help you, get in touch with our team with your requirements. We well get back to you soon with a free quote!

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A User Language Preferences Online survey conducted by the European Commission concludes that nine out of ten European people would rather read information on a website in their mother tongue than in any other language. Further, four out of ten insist that they would never buy products or services from websites the information on which is not available in their mother tongues.