What are User Guides?

User guides are highly technical documents that are a part of the product packaging. They provide comprehensive technical information about the usage and the limitation of the product. User guides are usually a part of electronic products like computer hardware and computer software packages. User guides are mostly written by technical content writers, but can also be written by project managers, programmers, or other technical staff.

Sample of user guides that are a part of standard product packaging

The need to translate User Guides

Most electronic good manufacturers don’t limit their market to a particular region or a country. When they target markets across multiple countries, it is necessary to include user guides that have information in the primary language spoken and understood in each country. However, it is easier to translate the user guide from one language across multiple languages than writing technical content for the user guide in each language. Hence, the need to translate user guides arise.

The need to hire technical translators

The user guides contain comprehensive technical information about the usage and the limitation of the product. It is often written using technical terminologies, which is difficult for everyone, except the target user, to understand. Hence, it is imperative that the companies hire experienced technical translators to translate the user guides.

How Alchemy can help you?

Alchemy Translation is one of the top technical translation services agency across the globe. At Alchemy, we employ a team of experienced technical translators for technical document translation. Technical content writers across languages provide exhaustive training to the technical translators so that they can effectively translate technical terminologies from one language into another. Further, we invite experts from the technology industry to provide regular training sessions to our team of technical translators so that they are updated with the latest industry trends and terminologies. Moreover, it is mandatory for all the translators to undergo training on live projects under the supervision of experienced technical translators before they can handle projects.

Other services provided by Alchemy Translation

Apart from technical document translation services for user guides, Alchemy also provides expert technical translation services for Safety Manuals, Installation Manuals, and Owner’s Manuals. At Alchemy Translation, we believe that translation is as much an art as it is science. Hence, we offer complete freedom to the experience technical translators to formulate their own strategies towards technical translation projects. Moreover, all technical content that undergoes translation at Alchemy must pass multiple levels of proofreading before it can reach the final stage. This ensures that no technical information is lost during translation, and the translated content is as precise and pristine as the source text.

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