What is a proposal?

A proposal or a business proposal is a document which contains an offer to undertake a project for other businesses of people. Most proposals do not follow a similar proposal format. However, they usually comprise of the technical background of the project/company, recommendations, surveys, feasibility reports, etc.

A translator formulating a strategy to translate a proposal

The need to translate a proposal

Proposals may be written for multiple businesses at a time. For example, a firm may want to undertake a similar kind of project for multiple businesses are located across multiple countries. In such cases, one may have to prepare the business proposal in multiple languages. However, writing a business proposal in one language and translating into multiple languages is a quicker and easier option than proposal writing in multiple languages.

The need to hire a technical translator

Proposals are usually highly structured technical documents which contain very specific information directed towards a specific set of people or businesses. Oftentimes, technical and business terminologies are used in the proposals to express information and statistics. On the off chance that an inexperienced translator translates a proposal, there are chances that they may miss out on translating crucial information. Hence, it is imperative for businesses to hire experienced professional technical or business translators to translate proposals.

How Alchemy can help you?

Alchemy Translation is one of the best business and technical translation companies across the globe. Business proposals may be of different kinds, technical, non-technical, solicited, unsolicited, etc. Translating every kind of proposal requires a different kind of skill set. At Alchemy, we train and employ expert translators who can provide highly specialised business and technical translation services. We hire technical language and translation experts periodically to train the translators in business and technical terminologies across at least two languages. Further, the translators must work on live translation projects under the supervision of experts before they can handle translation projects individually. Moreover, all content that Alchemy translates undergoes multiple levels of proofreads to ensure that the final draft is as precise and pristine as the source text. At Alchemy Translation, we strive to provide the highest quality business and technical solutions so that our clients can get the best value for their money.

Other services provided by Alchemy

Apart from professional translation services for business and technical proposals, Alchemy Translation also provides expert translation services for technical content like Reports, Marketing Material, and Engineering Plans. Over and above translation services, Alchemy also employs language and business terminology experts to proofread the translated content. Through language and technical terminology experts who have a keen eye for mistakes, Alchemy Translation can also provide the best-in-class proofreading services for business and technical content.

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