What are Owner’s Manuals?

Owner’s Manuals are booklets or leaflets that are provided by almost all products, ranging from a microwave oven to a car. The owner manual like car manuals and service manuals contains all information about how the product should be used and also provides the limitations for the usage of the product. Owner’s manuals also contain all the technical information about the specifications of the product.

Early sample of an owner's manual

The need to translate Owner’s Manuals

Sometimes, businesses plan to expand their markets across countries and continents. Consider an instance where a company which manufactures automobiles markets its automobiles only in France. Hence, the owner’s manuals for all the automobiles have been printed in French. However, if the company wishes to expand its market into Germany, then it will have to print the owner’s manuals in German as well. Consequently, developing a fresh owner’s manual in German can prove difficult and time-consuming. Hence, arises the need to translate owner’s manuals.

Why you should hire professional translators?

Oftentimes, the owner’s manuals contain a lot of technical information, which is written using technical terminologies. When inexperienced translators translate such text, there are chances that they might miss out on translating important information. Hence, it is imperative to hire professional technical translators to translate owner’s manuals. The reason being that technical translators are familiar with and can easily translate the technical terminologies.

How Alchemy Translation can help?

Alchemy Translation is one of the top translation companies in the world which provides technical translation services. Alchemy Translation employs in-house technical translators who have numerous years of experience with translating technical content across multiple languages. Alchemy Translation provides explicit training to all technical translators by experts in at least two languages. The translators are trained on live projects under the supervision of professional and experienced technical translators before they can handle translation projects on their own. All content which undergoes translation at Alchemy must pass multiple levels of proofreading before it is approved for the final draft. At Alchemy, we strive to provide the highest quality services to the clients so that they can get the best value for their money.

Discover more services provided by Alchemy Translation

Apart from professional technical translation services for owner manuals, Alchemy Translation also provides expert translation for technical content like User Guides, Safety Manuals, and Installation Manuals. Alchemy Translation also provides professional content writing services to create technical content. Moreover, Alchemy Translation also employs expert proofreaders to provide professional proofreading services for all content.

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In her article, How to Handle Difficult Words in technical translation, Wendy Pease writes that while translating technical content, no less than 15% of words are technical terminologies. Moreover, apart from knowing the technical terminologies, the translators must also be familiar with the culture of both the languages to understand the translate the content in the same context as the source text. Wendy Pease is a Language Translation Expert with Rapport International.