What are scientific papers?

Scientific papers contain research and analysis for developing newer drugs. Scientific papers are science articles published in scientific journals after peer-reviews. They contain important information about the development process and the contents of a drug which is to be developed. Sometimes, the companies also publish scientific papers online for the greater good of the community.

Samples of scientific papers for translation

Translating scientific papers

When a pharmaceutical company is in the process of developing a new drug, it must prepare scientific research papers to show the research process. These scientific reports must be presented in various countries where they wish to develop or produce the drug. Hence, it is necessary to translate the scientific paper in the primary language of the country where they want to present the paper. If a company wishes to present or publish a research paper in Japan, then it would need a professional Japanese translator who can translate pharmacological texts from other languages into Japanese.

The requirement of expert pharma translators

Scientific papers are important documents and the translators should be very careful when translating them. If the translator does not have a proper understanding of medical or pharmacological jargon in at least two languages, then there are chances that some important information may be lost during the process of translation. Hence, it is of utmost importance that scientific papers be translated by experienced and expert translators.

How can Alchemy help you?

At Alchemy, we have a team of translators who have proper understanding of medical and pharmacological jargons. Moreover, they have a competent command over at least two languages. The expertise and the experience of the translators enables Alchemy to translate text precisely, without any loss of information. Besides, the translated texts go through multiple levels of checks to ensure that the text has been translated perfectly.

Other services provided by Alchemy

Over and above the translation of scientific papers, Alchemy also provides expert translation services for Clinical Trials, Pharmacological Studies, and Validation Reports. Contact us right away to get a free quote for all your pharmaceutical requirements.

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A research by Jayashree Rajagopalan in 2015 states that about 8 million researchers publish about 2.5 million articles in 28,134 peer-reviewed English language journals every year. The publication of scientific papers grows annually at the rate of 3.5% in the number of journals, 5% in the number of researchers, and 3% in the number of articles.