What are pharmaceutical product labels?

Product labels are the stickers which are applied to the pharmaceutical products. Product labels furnish the user with important information about the drug like the contents, usage directions and dosage directions for the drug. They also mention other mandatory information like date of production, date of expiry, place of production, maximum retail price, etc.

Sample of a product label of a medical product

Translation of product labels

Whenever a company starts manufacturing or marketing a drug in a new country, then they must translate the product labels into that country’s primary language. Translation is done to comply with the existing laws of the country and to facilitate the users and provide them better access to information about the drug. For example, English is the primary language of India, so, the product labels of all the foreign drugs manufactured or marketed must undergo English translation from other languages. Similarly, French is the primary language in France. Hence, all product labels must undergo French translation before the products can be marketed or manufactured in France.

Why is necessary to employ professional translators?

Product packaging labels contain essential information to which the user must have access. The information printed on the product labels is often written using pharmacological jargons. If an inexperienced translator translates such text, there are chances that he may misrepresent important information. Hence, it is advisable to seek the help of professional medical or pharmacological translators to translate such important information.

Translation services provided by Alchemy

Alchemy has a team of professional translators who are familiar with the medical and pharmacological jargon in at least two languages. These translators have been trained to use to employ professional language and translate concisely without any information being lost in translation.

Other services provided by Alchemy

Apart from translating product labels across languages, Alchemy also provides professional pharmacological translation services to translate other important documents like pharmaceutical Package Inserts and Labels, Toxicology Reports, and Validation Reports.

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