What is patient information?

Patient information contains the entire details about the medical records of the patient. It gives a quick insight about the patients’ health. Patient information may also provide the necessary medical information which may be required before prescribing any drugs to the patient. The existing conditions of a patient may be responsible for the symptoms. The existing medications may have adverse effects when combined with dosages of new medicines.

A photo of a doctor checking the patient information before diagnosing the patient.

What is the need for translating patient information?

It is beneficial if the patient information is accessible to the doctors whenever they are examining a hospital patient. If a patient is moving to another country with a different primary language, then the translated patient information facilitates the diagnosis in the new country in a faster and more effective way.

Why employ professionals to translate patient information?

Patient information is very important for the doctors to understand the existing health issues of a patient. The patient information documents contain medical and pharmaceutical terminology; hence it is necessary that they are translated by professional.

How can Alchemy help you?

Alchemy Translation has been a top-player in the translation industry for a long time now. We have a group of well-trained and experienced pharma translators who have in-depth knowledge of medical and pharma terminology. All the translators are fluent in at least two languages to provide the best quality translation services.

What are the other services provided by Alchemy?

We at Alchemy, also provide professional pharmacological translation services for Product Information Leaflet (PIL), Clinical Protocols, and Pharmacological Studies. Moreover, we provide professional proof-reading services to ensure that all documents have been translated precisely.

With Alchemy translation guarantee, you are relaxed and assured that all the translated documents would undergo multiple levels of checks to ensure that no information has become redundant during translation.

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