What are package inserts and labels?

Package labels contain the product descriptions and contents of the drugs inside the package. They provide important information about the drug to the buyer. Package inserts provide descriptive information on how to use the drug safely. Most governments mandate that proper description is provided with all the drugs. Hence, we can say that Package inserts and labels are an important part of the product package of the drug manufacturing companies.

A photo which shows package inserts and package labels for medicinal drugs.

What is the need for translating package inserts?

More and more pharmaceutical companies have started to manufacture and market their products across many countries. The major languages spoken and understood differs in different countries. For example, while English is the primary language for communication in India, the primary language of communication in France is French. If a French company were to market its medicines in India, then their package inserts and labels would have to undergo French to English translation. Similarly, if an Indian company were to cater to the French drug market, the package inserts and labels would have to be translated from English to French.

Why employ professionals to translate package inserts and labels?

Package inserts and labels contain vital information about the drug contained in the package. Hence, it is very important that after translation, the package inserts and the labels convey the same information. When translated by non-professional online translators, there are chances that some information may not effectively convey the same meaning in another language. Hence, it is very important to hire professionals to translate package inserts and labels.

How can Alchemy help you?

At Alchemy, we have a group of experienced pharma translators who are well-versed with the pharmacological jargons in at least two languages. Moreover, these language translators have excellent command over both the languages and hence can provide an effective medical translation of pharmacological terms.

What are the other services provided by Alchemy?

We at Alchemy, provide professional pharmacological translation services for Product Labels, Manufacturing Process Description, and Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC) among many others. Each article at Alchemy passes through two layers of translation, proofreading and editing. With Alchemy, you can be rest assured about the best quality and timely coordination.

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