Importance of translating drug registration documents

Whenever a company develops a new drug, the company must register the drug with the concerned government authorities. Even when a company introduces a new drug in a country, they must register the drug with the concerned authorities.

A company prepares drug registration and guidance documents and submits it to the government agencies. These government agencies approve the drug for usage or production in the country only after validating these documents.

Hence, it is necessary that all the information in the document remains intact during the translation process. Any loss of information in the registration and guidance documents can lead to rejection of the drug registration plea.

Only an experienced translator can prevent loss of relevant pharmacological information during translation. Hence, it is necessary that the translators who translate documents pertaining to drug registration have an in-depth understanding of the pharmaceutical vocabulary.

Drug registration documents facilitate the approval of new drugs by regulating agencies

How can we help you?

Alchemy has a well-trained and experienced staff of professional translators who have the working knowledge of pharmacology. Alchemy ensures that no information is lost in translation. The translated documents go through multiple levels of checks before they are submitted to the clients.

Alchemy Translation can also help you with

  • Document translation services as per your requirements
  • Proofreading services
  • Editing and quality check related services for translated documents to prevent loss of information during translation
  • Assistance with government procedures
  • Assistance to find relevant government departments

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Alchemy is a world-renowned translation company that provides expert pharmacological translation services. At Alchemy, we provide expertise in English-German, English-Russian, English-Chinese and English-French translation of various pharmacological documents. We also provide translation services for documents such as product Dossiers, Product Information Leaflet (PIL), and Package Inserts and Labels.

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