What are dossiers?

Dossiers or pharmaceutical dossiers, as the name suggests, contain all the necessary documents for drug registration. A dossier is a file which contains detailed information about a drug. It is submitted to the relevant authorities to seek an approval on the production and marketing of that drug. Dossiers are extremely important documents because the concerned authorities grant permissions to the drug companies to manufacture and market the drugs.

A photo which shows pharmaceutical dossiers arranged alphabetically

The need to translate dossiers

Often drug companies plan to manufacture or market any product in the global market. However, the drug registration procedure is the most important step before they can commence manufacturing and marketing the drug. However, the dossiers must be translated into the primary languages of the country wherever the company wants to get the drug registered, thus arises the need to translate dossiers.

Why hire professional translators?

Pharmaceutical dossiers contain important detailed information about the drug or the medicine. If any vital information is missed out or misrepresented during translation, it can cause grave problems. Hence, it is essential to hire a trained and professional language translator to perform medical dossier translation.

How Alchemy Translation can help?

Alchemy Translation is a leading translation company which provides certified professional translation services. We have a team of translators specializing in medical and pharmacological translation services. This team is trained in the use of medical and pharmacological jargon by the experts in the industry. Each member of the team is proficient with the medical and pharmacological terminologies in at least two languages. This ensures that all your translation needs across multiple languages are satisfied.

Services provided by Alchemy Translation

Apart from professional and certified translations services for medical dossiers, Alchemy Translation also provides certified translation services for Patient Information, Clinical Trials, and Drug Registration Documentation. All the documents translated by Alchemy Translation undergo multiple levels of checks to ensure that no information has become redundant during translations. The system of multiple checks ensures that all the information in the initial document is also present in the translated document. Moreover, Alchemy Translation also provides professional proof-reading services for all medical and pharmacological documentation.

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