What are Clinical Protocols?

Clinical research protocols are documents which guide decisions and offer insights regarding diagnosis and treatment of specific medical conditions. In some cases, clinical protocols provide insights regarding the best practices for management of a disease using a combination of drugs. Clinical research protocols offer insights and guidance of how to proceed with clinical trials of newly introduced drugs. Hence, clinical research protocols are very important documents which relay important information to the doctors.

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Requirement for translation of clinical protocols

Clinical study protocols are guidelines which offer insights into the procedure of clinical research. If a drug manufacturer wants to manufacture drugs in more countries than one, then they must perform similar clinical trials in all such countries where they wish to manufacture and market the drug. But before this can be accomplished, the clinical protocols must be translated into the primary language of each country. For example, if a drug manufacturer based in India wants to produce or market a drug in Germany, then it is necessary for them to conduct clinical trials of the drug in Germany. To conduct such clinical trials, the clinical study protocols or the clinical research protocols must undergo German translation to facilitate the clinical trial in Germany.

Requirement of expert pharma translators

Clinical protocols relay very important information about how the clinical trials should be conducted. If even the slightest bit of information is lost during translation, a lot of problems may arise during clinical trials. Hence, it is imperative that all such documents should undergo medical translation by expert pharma or medical translator.

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One out of 10,000 study subjects have died because of study-drug effects while participating in clinical research studies. Whereas, the number of people who die an accidental death is 1 in every 3000 and the number of people who die in motor vehicle accident is 1 in every 6000.