Pharmaceutical Translation

Pharmaceutical translation means the translation of all and any documents which are used and required by the drug companies. Pharmaceutical documents include clinical trial documents, product information leaflets, drug registration documentation, and so forth. These documents often include the extensive use of pharmaceutical vocabulary and terminologies, which may be difficult for the common man to understand. Hence, only qualified professional translators should be hired to provide translation solutions to pharmaceutical industries.

Alchemy Translation employs professional pharma translators who can provide accurate pharmaceutical translation services

The Requirement for Pharmaceutical Translation

In the recent times, medical and pharmaceutical companies have started poaching markets across borders. Pharmaceutical companies have started manufacturing and marketing their products in multiple countries. However, before the companies can do so, there is a lot of documentation and formalities that must be completed. This documentation must be translated into the primary language of the country in which the company wants to manufacture or market their products. Hence, with the rise in cross border manufacturing units and marketing strategies, there is a steep rise in the requirement for pharma translation services.

Alchemy Advantage

Alchemy employs a team of in-house translators who have a background in pharma industries or education, and who are proficient in all major languages. Alchemy Translators have multiple years of experience translating pharmaceutical content. Along with being fluent in the native language, the translators are also fluent with multiple other languages. Hence, they can provide the perfect pharmaceutical translation solutions for other languages to their native language. Moreover, Alchemy Translation is one of the only translation company which invites industry experts to provide periodic training to all the translators. This training ensures that Alchemy translators provide excellent medical translation services. Alchemy Translation offers a competitive edge by offering professional human translators of medical interpretation services and translation services.

Alchemy strives to provide the best-in-class translation solutions for all Pharmaceutical translation needs. Medical document translation and pharmaceutical translation is a complex and elaborate process. Hence, in pursuit of excellence, Alchemy has integrated multiple quality assurance checks. All pharma content that undergoes translation at Alchemy Translation is proofread at least twice by expert proofreaders. These proofreaders have years of experience in proofreading in many languages. Further, they are proficient with the grammatical syntax, sentence structure, and pharmaceutical terminologies in all major languages of the world.

Apart from certified translation services for pharmaceutical industries, Alchemy Translation also provides professional translation services for IT Industries, Medical Industries, and Automotive industries.

Contact the Alchemy Business Development Team with your translation requirements; they will process your requirements and get back to you with a quote at the earliest.

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